8 Trends Driving Cybersecurity in the Public Sector

CISOs and security leaders in state and local governments are dealing with increasing threats like ransomware — with varying degrees of cyber maturity.
Photo of the tops of pillars on a government building, against a blue sky
Chart of answers to question "What is the status of your state's legislation for these cybersecurity provisions?"
Bar charts of answers to "the option that describes your state's year-over-year trend for cybersecurity budget 2020/2021"
Answers to "your state's top 5 barriers to addressing cybersecurity challenges," for 2020 and 2022
Chart of frequency of reporting cybersecurity status to governor, state legislature, and secretary for 2020 and 2022
Bar chart showing degree of adoption of cybersecurity measures (security awareness) for state, local, and universities
Bar graph asking about degree of collaboration between state agencies and local governments
Bar chart of how many cybersecurity staff the state employs, in 2020 and 2022
Bar chart asking what cybersecurity functions the state outsources in 2020 versus 2022
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