6 Biometric Factors That Are Working Today

From fingerprints to wearable ECG monitors, there are real options in the market that may relegate the despised password to the dustbin of history.
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Google "I hate passwords" and you'll get 3.25 million results. If that isn’t unshakeable evidence that the world is desperate for a better solution, then I will tear up all those sticky notes pasted on my laptop.

What’s the alternative? I’m putting my money on biometrics.

Yes, biometrics have been touted for a long time. But in recent years, the technology has overcome some major hurdles --  among them cost, ease of use, and access -- paving the way for some very interesting possibilities in authentication solutions that will (hopefully) relegate the despised password to the dustbin of history.

Like any security technology, there is no perfect solution. But one thing is for sure, biometrics are no longer a futuristic fantasy. There are real solutions that are working today with even more on the horizon. Let’s take a look.

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