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Tool For Cybersecurity Job Hunters Launched

CyberSeek to help candidates understand the market and locate the right opening, thus narrowing cybersecurity employment gap.

An interactive online tool to help cybersecurity job candidates find the right position in the field has been launched by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  CyberSeek, officially launched at the recent 2016 NICE Conference in Kansas City, has been designed to narrow the cybersecurity employment gap by helping job hunters understand the field requirements, understand the supply-demand ratio, and provide visibility about vacancies and job postings, a release on the NIST website says.

The tool, in the form of an interactive, color-coded map, includes job statistics and also a "Career Pathway" with details on salaries, job openings, etc.

Rodney Petersen of the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE), which provided funding for the tool, said CyberSeek “will assist its users—students, employees, employers, policy makers, training providers and guidance counselors—to explore opportunities they may have never considered.”

CyberSeek is a joint initiative of IT trade association CompTIA and analytics firm Burning Glass Technologies and a product of a three-year NIST grant to the former.

For more, go to the NIST site.

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