Tell DR: What Are Your Biggest Unanswered Security Questions?

Fill us in, Dark Reading community. What challenges and mysteries leave you scratching your heads and throwing up your hands?

We know you're smart.

Yet, even smart, savvy security whizzes have questions they don't know the answers to. Obstacles they can't overcome. Broken things they can't fix. Mysteries they can't  solve. Mazes they can't escape. Problems, puzzles, and paradoxes that persist.

So be honest with us: what are yours?

Maybe you don't know how to respond when your CFO asks you for the security department's Return on Investment. Maybe you don't know how to react to a ransomware infection. Maybe you still just aren't sure what "advanced persistent threat" means. Maybe you want to know if your favorite cybersecurity celebrities are just like you. Maybe you can't figure out why more talented people won't join your security team. Maybe you need someone to explain encryption, or hacktivism, or Dr. Who and you're afraid to ask your co-workers.

Maybe it's none of those. So tell us.

Sure, we're curious, but we're not just being nosy. We want to help. Give us your most burning questions and Dark Reading will investigate. We'll report back with stories, videos, and events that might help you unravel some of the mysteries that boggle the minds, pain the souls, and waste the time of infosec professionals.

Spill your guts in the comments below.


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Jai Vijayan, Contributing Writer, Dark Reading
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