2019 Pwnie Award Winners (And Those Who Wish They Weren't)

This year's round-up includes awards into two new categories: most under-hyped research and epic achievement.
A woman in a black dress holds a microphone at a Black Hat USA 2019 lectern under a Pwnies banner
Two researchers, a man and a woman, take a selfie with their gold Pwnie statuette, photobombed by a smiling hoodie guy
Photo of the audience at the 2019 Pwnie Awards at Black Hat USA, with projected silhouette of Black Hat logo on wall
A closeup of six Pwnie awards, basically My Little Pony figurines spray-painted gold with black ribbons around their necks
Line-art illustration of a flying bug with a network signal coming from its pinned and squished head
Brandon Falk, a man with a short red beard, dark-framed glasses, and dark shirt
Photo of the BitFi hardware wallet with the BitFi logo on the screen. It looks like a mobile phone.
Photo of a motherboard
Photo of Kaspersky software running on a laptop screen
A gold-framed oil painting of the Thrangrycat logo, which is three angry cat emojis in a row, on a space-themed background
Steve Christey Cole, who catalogs CVE bugs, has a short light-brown beard and copper-framed glasses. He's smiling.
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Editors' Choice
Evan Schuman, Contributing Writer, Dark Reading
Tara Seals, Managing Editor, News, Dark Reading
Jeffrey Schwartz, Contributing Writer, Dark Reading