14 Social Media-Savvy CISOs to Follow on Twitter

A roundup of some of the more social media-engaged security leaders to follow for updates on industry news, trends, and events.
Adam Ely (@adamely), VP and Deputy CISO at Walmart
Window Snyder (@window), CSO at Fastly
Troels Oerting (@TroelsOerting), CISO at Barclays
Michael Coates (@_mwc), CISO at Twitter
Runa Sandvik (@runasand), Security Director at New York Times
Darren Argyle (@D_Argyle), CISO at Markit
Alex Stamos (@alexstamos), CSO at Facebook
Robert Hansen (@RSnake), Founder at OutsideIntel and floating CISO at multiple companies
Richard Rushing (@SecRich), CISO at Motorola Mobility
Marcus Sachs (@marcussachs), CSO at NERC
Deneen DeFiore (@deneendefiore ), SVP and Global CISO at GE Aviation
Phil Agcaoili (@Hacksec), SVP and CISO at Elavon
Morgan Marquis-Boire (@headhntr), director of security at First Look Media
Jared Carstensen (@jaredcarstensen), CISO at CRH

Social-savvy CISOs share security scoops. Say that ten times fast.

Then jump over to Twitter, where members of the security community are actively posting news updates, industry trends, updates from events throughout the year, and their thoughts and opinions on all of the above.

We scoured our own Twitter feeds and conducted searches to find socially engaged CISOs and CSOs. These executives, who have years of experience in the industry, log on several times a week to share news, insights, guidance, and conversation with fellow infosec pros.

There are obviously far more than 14 active CISOs on Twitter and other forms of social media. This list - in no particular order - is only the beginning, and we'd like to continue adding names.

If you, or someone you know, is an socially engaged CISO, please add their name and handle in the comments. (We didn't include security vendor CISOs, but please share any you follow who should be noted).

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