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 John H. Sawyer

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posted in March 2010

When To Choose: Preventive VS Reactive Security

Information security is an area of IT that can have an extremely varied budget based on the parent organizations' belief of whether or not they'll be hacked. It's a mentality that seems silly if you've been in the infosec biz for a while because you most likely have realized by now that everyone gets hacked or has a data breach at some point.

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Automated Web Scanners Bring The Noise

One fish, two fish, red fish, skipfish...huh? That was my initial thought. Skipfish is definitely an interesting name for a Web application security scanner. It sounds like it came straight out of a Dr. Seuss book, but instead it's an awesome new tool from Michal Zalewski and Google.

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DIY Whitelisting

I've received several good questions about Microsoft software restriction policies. It's one of those features included in Windows that most people seem to have heard of once, but can't recall where and don't remember what it does. One of the e-mail messages asked about how to know which files are good.

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Drive Imaging Using Software Write Blocking

In my last blog, I detailed several methods for imaging hard drives using hardware and software-based tools. To finish the discussion, today I want to get into software-based write-blocking tools that can be used when hardware options are not available, the drives are not supported, or the situation requires the system to be imaged while online.

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Using Hard-Drive Imaging In Forensics

A client recently asked me about adding hard drive imaging into its standard incident response process. Because most of the incidents the client deals with are related to malware infections, its current process is to make sure the user's data is backed up before wiping the hard drive and installing a fresh version of the operating system -- a solid process, but it could use some improvements to deal with modern malware.

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Challenge Yourself To Be Better

If you've been in the information security field for more than six months, then you know it's vital to stay on top of the latest threats, tools, and news to be effective at your job. That's why many of us love the field so much--it's always changing. And it challenges us.

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New Analysis Tools For Windows Memory

Last week I looked at some creative uses of log analysis for detecting malware, and ways to acquire Windows physical memory for analysis. What I've seen time and time again is where those in charge of security don't even bother to log information from their systems and applications, leading them to a much larger incident response scenario than if they could detect it sooner.

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Creative Approaches To Malware Detection

Cyberwar and advanced persistent threats (APT) are fun terms thrown around a lot lately. Everyone seems to have their own slightly varied opinion on what they each mean. Personally, I don't care all that much what the different nuances of each are as long as I can understand the associated threats and deal with them appropriately.

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Teleport before 6.2.12 and 7.x before 7.1.1 allows attackers to control a database connection string, in some situations, via a crafted database name or username.
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static/main-preload.js in Boost Note through 0.22.0 allows remote command execution. A remote attacker may send a crafted IPC message to the exposed vulnerable ipcRenderer IPC interface, which invokes the dangerous openExternal Electron API.