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Zerologon Vulnerability Used in APT Attacks

MERCURY, the Iranian advanced persistent threat group, is using Zerologon in a new series of attacks detected by Microsoft.

Zerologon, a vulnerability Dark Reading reported on in September, is back, this time in the hands of an Iranian advanced persistent threat group known as MERCURY. In a tweet, Microsoft Security Intelligence said that it has observed MERCURY using CVE-2020-1472 (Zerologon) in active campaigns during the most recent two weeks.

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MERCURY — which is also known as MuddyWater, Static Kitten, and Seedworm — has typically targeted government organizations, especially in the Middle East. Its use of ZeroLogon is seen as a critical risk, especially given that four published proof-of-concept exploits in September led the Secretary of Homeland Security to issue a rare emergency directive for immediate remediation.

The new information on MERCURY's Zerologon use has spurred Microsoft to reiterate the importance of immediately patching Windows to close the vulnerability.

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