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You're A Mean One, Ms. Grinch

Thief who steals holiday package contents from homes is now a star on YouTube
Police in San Jose, Calif. are looking for a woman who has been spending this holiday season imitating the Grinch -- only without giving the gifts back in the end.

According to a report filed Monday by the NBC Bay area news affiliate, the woman has been spotted stealing packages from the doorsteps of local homes, opening them with a handy pair of scissors, and then making off with the contents in a shopping bag.

One of the victims, Romeo Roque, got mad and decided to set up a video camera on his front porch and bait the trap with some juicy-looking packages. Sure enough, the Grinchy visitor came right to his door and rifled through his mail. Check out the YouTube video embedded in the report -- at one point, you can see the woman hiding a pair of scissors, and at another point, she looks directly into the camera.

Roque has posted the YouTube video, and he and the San Jose police are seeking information on the identity of the thief. Roque says he is concerned about identity theft, since some of his mail was stolen along with package contents.

At least she left him the last can of Who Hash.