Yoggie Chooses D&H for Distribution

D&H selected by Yoggie to distribute award-winning Personal Security Appliance product range

NEW YORK -- D&H, one of the most successful technology distributors in the US, has been appointed by Yoggie Security Systems™ to distribute the Yoggie Pico™ and Yoggie Gatekeeper™ lines to resellers across the US and Canada. The Pico™ and Gatekeeper™ security appliances have won awards in the US and Europe for innovation and quality of security they provide to laptops and desktop PCs. D&H Distributing will be looking to leverage its existing network of resellers as well as seeking new channel partners for the Yoggie™ product lines.

Yoggie™ personal security appliances are hardened, Linux-based computers contained within a small form factor and are dedicated to protecting the host laptop or PC. They offer 13 security applications to screen all network traffic before it reaches the laptop or PC. Unlike software-only security suites, the combination of offloading security onto a piece of dedicated hardware and its patent pending technologies means Yoggie™ personal security computers are not exposed to PC-related vulnerabilities. In addition, Yoggie’s 24/7 tech support ensures that customers get the very best from their Yoggie devices.

Michael Schwab, vice president of purchasing at D&H, commented, "Yoggie's robust devices go a long way to address the market's past concerns about wireless security, especially for SMB and SOHO environments. D&H is happy to align itself with a manufacturer whose accessible, high-quality mobile security can increase the end-user's performance while providing a hardware-based line of defense against breaches to the laptop and desktop PC."

Yoggie Security Systems

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