WorldExtend Launches SecureIDA for SMBs

WorldExtend is proud to announce the launch of SecureIDA, the first comprehensive and managed remote access solution for SMBs

PHILADELPHIA -- WorldExtend, the remote access specialist, is proud to announce the launch of SecureIDA (IronDoor Agent), the first comprehensive and managed remote access solution for small and medium size businesses (SMBs). Delivered via an extremely-simple and intuitive wizard-driven download, and requiring no hardware, SecureIDA enables secure access to data and applications from any location in the world within minutes - providing the same business agility and related productivity gains previously available only to large enterprises. SecureIDA is the only service that includes free VPN and free remote desktop

access as part of a complete end-to-end remote access solution.

Downloadable in minutes from, and built on Microsoft's robust and flexible .NET framework, SecureIDA's intuitive software-based platform makes it simple for an organization's employees, branch offices, suppliers, or even customers to gain simple, secure, and unlimited free remote access to shared data, such as network file folders or client server applications. SecureIDA also provides free secure access to one Microsoft Windows XP Pro or Linux desktop computer for an unlimited time. The free service can be utilized to enhance the security of client/server applications for remote users (e.g., e-mail, accounting, or billing programs).

"While most organizations recognize the productivity benefits associated with secure remote access, many organizations lack the technical expertise, infrastructure, or budget to implement such a solution," said Bruce LeBuhn, Director Marketing & Sales, WorldExtend, LLC. "We developed SecureIDA to simplify, make more secure, and drive the cost out of delivering secure remote access solutions to businesses while also providing a platform for growth," LeBuhn continued. "We've eliminated the capital expense associated

with dedicated hardware and the need to touch remote machines by installing software which significantly reduces administrative costs and dramatically simplifies the process of delivering this capability."

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