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WordPress Reports Multiserver Breach

'We presume our source code was exposed and copied,' popular blog host says
WordPress, the popular blog-hosting site, is reporting a breach of several of its servers.

Automattic, the company that drives WordPress, as well as Akismet, "had a low-level (root) break-in to several of our servers, and potentially anything on those servers could have been revealed," said WordPress in a blog.

"We have been diligently reviewing logs and records about the break-in to determine the extent of the information exposed, and re-securing avenues used to gain access," the blog says. "We presume our source code was exposed and copied. While much of our code is open source, there are sensitive bits of our and our partners’ code. Beyond that, however, it appears information disclosed was limited."

WordPress has "taken comprehensive steps to prevent an incident like this from occurring again," according to the blog.

Observers say the compromised code could include API keys and Twitter and Facebook logins that might allow hackers to access sensitive data, such as logins for Twitter and Facebook accounts.

WordPress is still investigating the incident, the blog says.

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