VPNs Replaced With Aventail

Aventail announced that hundreds of organizations all over the world have replaced their IPSec VPN solutions with Aventail's SSL VPN

SEATTLE -- Leading SSL VPN company Aventail today announced that hundreds of organizations all over the world, including Norwich University, Chicago Housing Authority, Mitsubishi Electronic Power Products, and Mississippi Department of Corrections, have replaced their IPSec VPN solutions with Aventail’s SSL VPN for everywhere access with complete control and security. Aventail’s SSL VPN replaces IPSec VPNs by offering a single secure gateway that enables network administrators to detect the identity and integrity of end points—including Windows, Linux, Mac and mobile platforms, protect access to all application resources with granular access policy, and connect users seamlessly from both managed and unmanaged devices via any network environment. Aventail’s SSL VPN provides easy-to-use, secure access to any application from desktops and laptops and Windows Mobile PDAs, as well as access to any Web application from any mobile device.

“With today’s workers being mobile—working from home, from the office or from the road—SSL VPNs, not IPSec VPNs, are the only practical solution for secure remote access,” said Sarah Daniels, VP Marketing, Aventail.

Aventail Corp.

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