Vericept Upgrades Platform

Vericept announced version 8.0 of the Vericept 360 Risk Management Platform

DENVER -- Vericept Corporation, the leading provider of comprehensive compliance and content control solutions, today announced version 8.0 of the Vericept 360˚ Risk Management Platform. As security breaches continue to make worldwide headline news, corporations and organizations require risk management tools to better protect their customer data and proprietary information. Version 8.0 redefines the content monitoring and filtering market with the most powerful solution designed to provide enterprises with the highest-level of visibility and control over data loss, compliance and the growing insider risk problem.

Version 8.0 introduces the first suite of content detection technologies for multi-level document analysis and protection, the first network monitoring solution to provide advanced content control without impeding the flow of business and the first content monitoring platform to provide unprecedented investigation management and forensic analysis capabilities for data-in-motion and data-at-rest to provide 360˚ protection of an organization’s brand and reputation.

"With version 8.0, Vericept continues to demonstrate that it understands the full scope of the insider risk management problem,” said Jon Oltsik, Senior Analyst for Enterprise Strategy Group. “In the research we have conducted, enterprise customers have clearly stated that they require a solution that provides detection, control, workflow and investigation management capabilities to protect against data loss. Vericept provides this level of protection in version 8.0.”

Vericept Corp.