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Vericept and Entrust announced a strategic partnership

DENVER -- Vericept Corporation, the a leading provider of comprehensive compliance and content control solutions and Entrust, Inc. (Nasdaq: ENTU), a world-leader in securing digital identities and information, today announced a strategic partnership to deliver fully embedded email encryption functionality in a content monitoring and control solution. Under the terms of the agreement, Vericept will integrate the Entrust Entelligence Messaging Server encryption capability into Vericept's Control 360-degree product providing automatic encryption, compliance and content control to both Vericept and Entrust customers. In addition, Entrust will become a reseller partner of Vericept's content control solutions.

"As organizations rely on email for communication each and every day it is imperative that confidential documents are protected during transmission

to avoid interception by unauthorized users, which could result in potential data loss," said Dave Parkinson, President and CEO of Vericept. "Together, content control and automatic email encryption can provide an effective security solution for organizations to mitigate their risk of information loss and protect their corporate brand. As such, this partnership will provide significant value to both Vericept and Entrust customers by providing a very powerful integrated solution not previously available in the marketplace. Being the first content monitoring and control company to partner with a world-leading security vendor to offer fully embedded encryption, compliance and content control demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that address current customer demands and further validates our market and technology leadership position."

As a result of this partnership, Vericept Control 360-degree will be powered by Entrust to provide email security against inadvertent data leakage. Based upon Entrust's Entelligence Messaging Server, Vericept Control 360-degree will provide advanced content control with early identification of violations, automatic email encryption, Email Self-Compliance(TM) and centralized policy enforcement and reporting. Vericept Control 360-degree will deliver boundary-based secure email for customers who need to protect sensitive information as it travels over the Internet for compliance or risk mitigation. With this solution, email can be automatically encrypted based on content, or manually encrypted by the end user. By enabling automatic enforcement of corporate policies, organizations can help to control the flow of information in and out of the corporate network and keep sensitive information secure.

"Email has become one of the primary foundations of enterprise communications with customers, partners and suppliers. As a result, managing email and its contents has become one of the top organizational priorities. Customer relationships, regulatory compliance, legal obligations and the overall company brand can be impacted without proper management," said Entrust Chairman, President and CEO Bill Conner. "This

OEM agreement and partnership with Vericept builds on the momentum we are experiencing with our own email security solution. The partnership will deliver best-of-breed technologies in content monitoring and email encryption as an integrated solution for our customers."

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