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Vera Bradley Stores Report Payment Card Breach

The retailer discloses security incident targeting customer payment card data at its stores between July 25 and September 23.

Well-known bag fashion brand Vera Bradley yesterday revealed that its retail stores were hit by a cyberattack between July 25 and September 23 of this year. Hackers targeted payment cards used at its retail stores, the company said in a notification statement. The retailer's website was not breached.

Vera Bradley said it took immediate action after being informed by law enforcement agencies, and launched an investigation. The probe revealed that its payment processing system had been compromised by thieves who installed a program that looked for payment card data of customers -- including card name, number, expiration date, and internal verification code.

Not all payment customers may have been affected, however. Vera Bradely recommends that its customers scrutinize account statements, enact fraud alerts and card freezes, and contact the authorities in cases of card abuse.

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