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US Cyber Command Hacks ISIS

'Cyber bombs' target ISIS online communications infrastructure.

The US Cyber Command reportedly is battling ISIS on the cyber front now with a campaign to disrupt and dismantle the terrorist group's communications and financial operations.

This would mark the first time the Cyber Command has waged cyberattacks at the same time the Defense Department is waging physical military operations, according to a New York Times report published yesterday. The US Cyber Command traditionally has focused on Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea, in response to cyberattacks on the US.

DoD officials in recent weeks have hinted at a cyber component to fighting ISIS. Robert O. Work, deputy secretary of defense, recently said of the strategy to go after ISIS in cyberspace: “We are dropping cyberbombs,” Mr. Work said. “We have never done that before.”

See the full New York Times article here



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