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Two Israeli Youths May Be Charged for vDOS Operation

Israeli authorities prepare to accuse two 18-year-olds for the online attack service, which caused $1.65 million in losses.

Investigation into the vDOS service, allegedly operated by 18-year-old Israelis Yarden Bidani and Itay Huri, is nearly over. Israeli authorities are preparing to press charges of extortion and computer fraud against the two, KrebsOnSecurity reports. They were briefly arrested late 2016 after a KrebsOnSecurity report pointed them out as likely owners of the four-year-old cyberattack service.

Police allege that Bidani and Huri were responsible for causing damages worth $1.65 million. Krebs says that in just two years, the duo reportedly made over $600,000. At the time of their arrests last September, they had tens of thousands of customers and had carried out several million cyberattacks. User logs obtained by Krebs showed 150,000 attacks in less than three months.

Their defense lawyers claim Bidani and Huri were merely involved in providing "stresser" or "booter" services to customers who wanted to test their sites' ability to withstand cyberattacks. However, authorities consider such services to be illegal and last year, scores were arrested in the US and Europe on suspicion of using them.

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