Third Brigade Integrates HIPS, Intellitactics

Third Brigade announces integration of its Host Intrusion Detection and Prevention System with Intellitactics Security Manager

OTTAWA -- Third Brigade (, a security software company that specializes in host intrusion detection and prevention systems, today announced the integration of its product with Intellitactics™ Security Manager, a comprehensive security information and event management (SIEM) solution. Integration with Security Manager adds value to detected intrusions by automating the prioritization of intrusion alerts based on their impact to the business or security posture. The Intellitactics Security Manager (ISM) automatically correlates host intrusion detection and intrusion prevention system (IDS/IPS) events with other security events to provide a broader context on threats. Using a nine factor risk scoring model eliminates false positives. Security Manager focuses the security analyst on alerts with the greatest impact on the business and enables compliance with regulatory standards.

“The integration of Third Brigade’s host intrusion detection and prevention system with the Intellitactics Security Manager simply makes security analysts more productive and efficient,” said Sunil Bhargava, Vice President of Product Management of Intellitactics. “One primary benefit of implementing a SIEM is leveraging investments in important systems like Third Brigade’s. Customers expect their vendors to do the work on integration so they can simply extract the value. Intellitactics is all about providing daily automated value. For several of Intellitactics’ customers, Third Brigade is the vendor of choice for host intrusion detection and prevention. This made the integration a high priority.”

Intellitactics' industry-leading Security Manager is essential for automating proactive security management to result in greater vigilance that strengthens enterprise defense. ISM automates analysis and reporting of event data from any number of security devices like host IDS/IPS, operating systems, databases and applications, and through role-specific user interfaces provides real-time access to events, alerts and incidents to mitigate information security risk.

“We are delighted to be working with Intellitactics to ensure customers have a tightly integrated solution, one that leverages their investments in our complementary technologies and avoids the cost of custom integration and support common to other, non-integrated solutions,” said Brian O’Higgins, CTO of Third Brigade. “Third Brigade’s host intrusion detection and prevention system was architected from the ground-up to provide critical server protection and detailed host-level security event information, and to provide a SIEM leader such as Intellitactics with a fast, simple, and complementary integration.

Third Brigade Inc.