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Survey: IT Security Pros Divided On Potential Of Significant SCADA Breach In 2012

It's 48% yes to 52% no
SAN FRANCISCO, CA— March 6, 2012— nCircle, the leader in information risk and security performance management solutions, today announced the results of a survey of 253 attendees at the RSA Conference 2012, in San Francisco. When asked “Will we have a significant SCADA breach in 2012,” 48% of respondents said “yes” and 52% said “no.”

Patrick Miller, the founder, CEO and -president of EnergySec, and principal investigator for NESCO, a DOE-funded public-private partnership that works to enhance cyber security of the electric infrastructure, believes security professionals underestimate the risk of a significant SCADA breach.

"There are no reporting requirements for SCADA breaches, so we may not be informed if one actually happens,” commented Miller. “I wonder when a SCADA breach will cause a significant disruption to critical infrastructure. Frankly, given the state of many legacy industrial control system security products, I'm surprised we haven't seen a significant disruption yet. The reliability of our critical infrastructure is the result of many dedicated, aware and resourceful operations staff working hard to keep our critical infrastructure operating as securely as possible with extremely limited resources."

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