Steganos Intros VPN Premium

Steganos has launched a premium version of Steganos Secure VPN

KESTON, U.K. -- Steganos, European leader in providing security and privacy software for consumers and SMEs, has launched a premium version of Steganos Secure VPN. In addition to providing an encrypted link to the company network over the internet, the new version enables companies to connect remote users with each other in a secure, encrypted local area network.

The standard version of Steganos Secure VPN launched in July 2006, enabling home and mobile workers to securely connect to their employers' networks and eliminating the risk that hotspot providers, ISPs or hackers could eavesdrop on connections. The new premium version of the software also provides peer-to-peer access between client machines in the network, so that users can communicate with each other and access data on each other's machines directly. This enables home and travelling employees to work as effectively out of the office as they can in it, without needing to email files between machines.

Steganos Secure VPN PREMIUM (VPN stands for virtual private network) encrypts all internet traffic with a 128 bit SSL link. This ensures that communications cannot be intercepted, even when using insecure hotspots at cafes, airports or exhibition halls.

Each company that uses Steganos Secure VPN PREMIUM is allocated its own external IP address. The local IP range can be chosen from the address spaces reserved for private users. IP addresses can be changed on request for an additional fee of £37.95 (excluding. VAT).

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