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Sourcefire announced the upcoming release of the Sourcefire 3D9800 Sensor

COLUMBIA, Md. -- Open source innovator and SNORT (R) creator, Sourcefire, Inc. (NASDAQ: FIRE), today announced the upcoming release of the Sourcefire 3D9800 Sensor, which will enable users to protect their highest-performing network segments with a single appliance that integrates the company's leading Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Network Behavior Analysis (NBA), Network Access Control (NAC) and Vulnerability Assessment (VA) solutions. The 3D9800 Sensor is designed to meet the performance demands of 10 gigabit per second (Gbps) Ethernet networks and will provide support for the latest IPv6 deployments.

"Sourcefire's customers require security solutions that can keep pace with their infrastructure investments," said Tom Ashoff, VP of Engineering at Sourcefire. "Sourcefire is continually delivering security solutions that don't just meet our customers' current needs, but that also protect their assets in the future as their network configurations and speeds change. Our new 3D9800 Sensor is designed to provide customers with the ability to upgrade their networks without worrying about whether they are still protected."

For large environments with significant amounts of network traffic, the 3D9800 Sensor will enable users to protect their high-throughput core networks from one central location, reducing the effort and complexity of threat management. With 12 cores dedicated to application processing, the 3D9800 Sensor will deliver robust traffic handling capabilities to enterprise threat management (ETM) applications. With up to two Network Interface Modules (NIMs), the 3D9800 Sensor will offer high port density, enabling users to leverage up to 24 ports depending on their network requirements. Both 10Gbps and 1Gbps network connectivity options will be available, ensuring that users can customize the sensor to their specific network speeds. The 3D9800 Sensor will also provide users with a highly redundant, fault-tolerant architecture to support a company's most critical network segments.

Sourcefire Inc. (Nasdaq: FIRE)

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