Sophos Rolls Out Security Suite

Sophos launches new suite of IT security solutions for small businesses

BOSTON -- Sophos, a world leader in IT security, announced today the availability of its new integrated security solution for small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The launch of the product coincides with research discovering that most small businesses are failing to adequately protect themselves from malicious attacks.

Sophos Security Suite provides an all-in-one defense against threats on Windows and Mac computers, laptops and servers. The software has been designed specifically for smaller organizations that lack technical expertise to quickly and easily protect their businesses against today's increasingly complex security risks.

"Too many IT security products for smaller companies are simply re-packaged versions of an enterprise offering and still require technical expertise to install and run," said Steve Munford, CEO of Sophos. "Sophos's small business solutions deliver the highest proactive protection with the lowest management burden."

Sophos plc