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Russians Clearly Behind 'Electronic Watergate,' Pelosi Says

Rep. Nancy Pelosi calls out Russia in recent cyberattack on Democratic campaign, which may have hit more than 100 targets.

“It is the Russians,” US House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said yesterday, blaming Russia for the recent cyberattacks on Democratic leaders and calling it an “electronic Watergate,” reports Reuters. Speaking to the press, Pelosi described the hacking as “broad” and said the damage was being assessed.

A recent report indicates the attack was wider than originally thought, targeting more than 100 party officials and groups. A US official said hackers infiltrated more than the Democratic campaign committees and into individual email accounts, hoping to “find something useful.”

There is no official confirmation of the hackers' identity but investigators claim they had the backing of GRU and FSB, Russia’s military intel and civilian spy agencies respectively, adds Reuters.

The breach, made public in July, led to controversial emails being posted on WikiLeaks causing much consternation in the Democratic camp.

More details on Reuters.

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