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Russian National Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison for Role in Botnet Operation

Cybercrime scheme netted more than $100 million.

Aleksandr Brovko, formerly of the Czech Republic, will serve eight years in prison for his role in operating a scheme to steal and traffic sensitive personal and financial information in an operation that resulted in a loss to victims of some $100 million.

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Brovko, a Russian national, was sentenced on October 30 after pleading guilty in February to conspiracy to commit bank and wire fraud. According to court documents,  Brovko worked closely with other cybercriminals from 2007 through 2019, to monetize data that had been stolen by botnets. Brovko wrote software to parse botnet logs and to verify the accuracy of stolen data.

Federal prosecutors say that Brovko possessed and trafficked over 200,000 unauthorized access devices during the course of the conspiracy. 

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