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Russian Man Sentenced to 60 Months in Prison for Running 'Bulletproof' Hosting for Cybercrime

Service hosted Zeus, SpyEye, Citadel, Blackhole Exploit Kit malware aimed at US companies and financial institutions.

A Russian national charged with providing so-called bulletproof hosting services for cybercriminals used to spread malware and attack US organizations and financial institutions has received a 60-month prison sentence.

Aleksandr Grichishkin, 34, offered technology infrastructure services, including IP addresses, servers, and domains, for cybercriminals to create botnets, infect targeted organizations with malware, and steal banking credentials. His organization supported cybercriminals who targeted the US organizations in cyberattack campaigns between 2009 and 2015.

Among the rogue's gallery of malware hosted on the systems:  Zeus, SpyEye, Citadel, and the Blackhole Exploit Kit. Two of Grichishkin’s co-conspirators already had been sentenced to prison: Pavel Stassi, 30, of Estonia (24 months), and Aleksandr Skorodumov, 33, of Lithuania, (48 months).

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