Reflex Intros New 10-Gbit/s Network Security Switch

New Reflex MG Network Security switches deliver 10 Gbit/s and protection to the network core and data center

ATLANTA -- Reflex Security, the leader in integrated network security for data center, core networks, and virtual environments, today announced the industry’s first platform to deliver robust network security and Ethernet switching functionality with true 10Gbps throughput. The new Reflex MG™ line of network security switches provides customers with integrated, high-availability 1GbE/10GbE network security and switching at the core, distribution and access layers.

Historically, network security "pizza box" devices offered limited throughput, density and high availability features. This was acceptable in perimeter deployments but made them impractical for internal LAN applications. These attributes led many enterprises to adopt a “hard crunchy shell/soft chewy center” security architecture that was focused exclusively on externally-based threats.

However, an explosion of new desktop technologies, access requirements and outsourcing relationships has eroded the traditional network perimeter. Threats emanating from contractors, partners, employees and new devices put the "soft chewy center" at risk and forced enterprises to secure critical internal resources and data. In the past, this would have required unattractive trade-offs between security, performance and manageability.

Location, location, location

Addressing these new challenges requires a device deployed in the heart of the network with advanced security, switching, availability and management attributes. Fortunately, the new Reflex MG line of network security switches delivers true multi-vector security (deep packet inspection, IDS/IPS, network access control, L2/L3 firewall, malware protection) and true networking functionality (VLAN support, link bonding, QoS and more) in a high-availability, 10 Gbps platform. The high-density Reflex MG also offers an integrated security manager console with advanced network discovery, reporting and remediation tools.

“Enterprises are realizing that they must bring security closer to the core, to control content and users already inside the network,” said Hezi Moore, CTO of Reflex Security. “Traditionally enterprises have had to make a tradeoff between network performance and security, sacrificing speed and scalability for in-line protection. With our new line of network security switches, enterprises can tightly control access to systems and data, at never before seen performance speeds.”

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