RedCannon Issues Six Laws

RedCannon Security touts Six Laws of Mobile Security, offering a framework for how enterprises can assess their mobile security best practices

FREMONT, Calif. -- RedCannon Security, a trusted provider of centrally-managed, secure mobile-access solutions for the enterprise, today announced the Six Laws of Mobile Security. The Laws are a common sense framework for how enterprises can assess their mobile security best practices to protect private data, while enabling the use of mobile devices such as USB drives.

Until recently, the proliferation of small and inexpensive mass storage devices and their potential for data loss had been under the radar of most senior managers. The prevalence of laptops, PDAs, and other mobile devices in the enterprise coupled with the explosion of wireless connectivity options, has led to significant support issues and security risks. Mobile devices need to be managed and secured. While the cost of replacing the devices is relatively insignificant, more and more users store sensitive information on these devices, and therein lies a serious data leakage threat. The fact that mobile devices can introduce malware including keyloggers and Trojans into the corporate network compounds the problem.

The majority of companies have not taken steps to address these issues. According to a recent analyst report, only 9 percent of companies have deployed mobile management tools, while another 20 percent are piloting or plan to deploy mobile management tools within the next 12 months. Additionally, about 40 percent of enterprises have no policies in place regarding mobile security.

The Six Laws of Mobile Security includes best practices and tips for enterprises worldwide, as they seek to improve their mobile efficiency, reduce remote access threats and prevent data leakage: