RazorGate Protects

Mirapoint announced that the RazorGate email security appliance protects its customers from the rising tide of image-based spam

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- Mirapoint, the secure messaging experts, announced today that the RazorGate email security appliance protects its customers from the rising tide of image-based spam by utilizing proven RAPID Anti-Spam and unique MailHurdle technologies. Combining RAPID and MailHurdle technologies, RazorGate demonstrates a 98 percent catch-rate for all types of spam.

Right now, many organizations are experiencing increased spam due the swell in image-based spamming that embeds spam content within an image, which is difficult for content signature-based anti-spam techniques to block. As a result, image-based spam is more likely to evade traditional content filters and wind up in the end-user’s inbox.

"To date we have not experienced any issues with image-based spam," said Steve Kolar, senior director of IP networks and operations at Eschelon Telecom, Inc. "We are impressed with Mirapoint's RazorGate email security appliance and its RAPID anti-virus and anti-spam technology as our network has been protected from image-based spam that other networks are grappling with. We are pleased with Mirapoint's pattern detection spam fighting approach – and our decision to use Mirapoint."

Unlike content-based approaches, Mirapoint’s RazorGate uses traffic pattern analysis to identify spam. Creating a signature based on how the spam messages are sent, Mirapoint's RAPID Anti-Spam is a zero-hour technology that blocks spam within minutes of an outbreak. By using this content-agnostic detection capability, enterprises are protected long before a traditional content-based signature is available – whether the spam is image-based or not.

"After reading about image-based spam in the news, we sleep easier knowing that the RazorGate’s RAPID traffic analysis technology blocks image-based spam as a matter of course,” said Peter Mrozik, director of projects and information at Cattlemens, Inc. “As a result, our edge security devices are not strained by content signature analysis, which does not detect image-based spam.”

Mirapoint Inc.