PortAuthority: Most Accurate

PortAuthority announced the results of the first Leak Prevention Accuracy Test

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- PortAuthority Technologies(TM), the leader in Information Leak Prevention, today announced the results of the first Leak Prevention Accuracy Test, setting the industry standard for low false positives and high accuracy in preventing information leaks. According to the results of a report by Percept Technology Labs (, an independent test lab, the industry is at a critical shifting point from simply monitoring outgoing information to enforcement and prevention -- enforcing policies that protect internal data and preventing information leaks altogether.

Due to increased oversight and sophistication of the users who intentionally or unintentionally leak information, it is no longer sufficient for companies to use tools that only monitor outgoing communications. As the requirements shift to prevention and enforcement, accuracy emerges as a critical component to ensuring that legitimate communications are still able to circulate, while data leaks are prevented before they occur.

"With a series of high profile and expensive data breaches inflicting harm on prominent industries, companies are seeing an increasing need for tools that prevent information leaks," said IDC Analyst Brian Burke. "The focus is no longer about keeping the 'bad' stuff out. We are seeing more and more organizations concerned about keeping their intellectual property and private customer data in, leading to a growing interest in information leak prevention solutions. Accuracy and low false positives will play a very important role in companies selecting and adopting solutions for blocking data leaks."

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