Phoenix Launches Secure Hypervisor Platform

New platform from Phoenix will transform the user experience with new levels of security, reliability, ease of use, and low power consumption

MILPITAS, Calif. -- Phoenix Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: PTEC), the global leader in core systems firmware, today announced Phoenix HyperSpace™, an innovative platform that promises to ignite a PC revolution by transforming the mobile personal computing experience. Enhanced by Intel® processor technology, Phoenix HyperSpace™ provides a secure foundation of ‘embedded simplicity.’ PC OEMs can now offer highly-efficient, instantly available applications that promise to deliver new levels of security, up-time, system reliability, remote management, and ease-of-use to PC users.

The HyperSpace platform provides a unique computing environment that PC designers, security innovators and content providers can use to create instant-on applications that are available before, during, and after Windows boot up and shut down. Operating like self-contained appliances, these purpose-built applications will be embedded into new computers by PC system vendors. Next-generation PC users will benefit from one-click remote system maintenance, repair, lower battery consumption and embedded security providing stronger protection than is currently available, along with a host of possible applications and content such as instant-on multi-media players, IP soft phones, email, instant messaging, Web 2.0 browsing, safe shopping and more. Phoenix has already demonstrated prototype, proof-of-concept applications that show the possibilities of the new HyperSpace platform.

HyperSpace delivers an elegant, high-performance, low battery-consumption environment which enables mobile PC users to be productive at all times.

“For most of us, today’s computing experience is a lot like air travel – offering tremendous possibilities, but plagued with security issues, delays and system failures,” said Woody Hobbs, President & CEO of Phoenix Technologies. “HyperSpace introduces a new framework to transform the personal computing experience through purpose-driven appliances™ that work within the HyperSpace environment. Working together with our partners within the PC ecosystem, we believe HyperSpace will ignite a new revolution of innovation built on the foundation of embedded simplicity.”

Phoenix Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: PTEC)