Orange Debuts New Service

Orange Business Services announces its new Intrusion Prevention service that protects multinational companies from a network attack

PARIS -- A zero-day attack is a malicious and malevolent attack that has never been seen before. Intrusion Prevention protects multinational companies from network vulnerabilities proactively and detects network attacks in real-time.

Intrusion Prevention works in collaboration with Orange Business Services’ existing Intrusion Detection service and other security services to add more depth in defense for IT infrastructure. This security solution is created by Orange Business Services using security devices from Juniper Networks.

Homogeneous support available

The integrated service offers 24/7 surveillance, monitoring and response from one of five global Security Operations Centers located in Rennes (France), London, Montreal, Atlanta and Sydney. This coverage allows multinational companies to have access to their Intrusion Prevention service with homogeneous support, offering the same service level worldwide.

Zero-day protection a must

“All multinational companies should insist on true zero-day protection when it comes to network security,” said Peter Glock, IT Services, Orange Business Services. “Orange Business Services helps its customers with proactive network security using a tool that offers real-time prevention. Companies interested in implementing intrusion detection or intrusion prevention need a huge IT department including employees with specialized skills and around-the-clock availability to properly monitor the network. Instead, companies can rely on Orange Business Services to provide this service, allowing the companies’ employees to focus on their core business.”

Orange Business Services