Only 25% Companies Equipped To Handle Data Breaches

Research by Tripwire on cybersecurity challenges reveals only 3% organizations outsource security issues to experts.

A survey by Tripwire has revealed that despite a hike in IT budgets, companies continue to struggle with cybersecurity: just one quarter of respondents say they have the ability to handle data breaches.

The purpose of the study was to identify key cybersecurity challenges faced by companies, as many continue to lack the expertise required to respond to breaches.

Tripwire found that just 3% of organizations outsource security issues to experts, with 39% saying their security teams take weeks to effectively correlate data and security alerts. Just over 20% say they can do so in near real-time.

"Using the tools at hand to prioritize alerts can save precious time in responding to an incident," said Tim Erlin of Tripwire. "Putting the right contextual data at the analyst’s fingertips can allow one person to simply get more done in a shorter period of time."

For survey details, click here.

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