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Obama Calls For Norms To Prevent 'Cyber Wild Wild West'

At G-20 summit, US President warns of a free-for-all if urgent measures are not taken by countries with cyber weapons capabilities.

US President Barack Obama has warned of a free-for-all and cyber war erupting if countries don’t take heed and act more responsibly to curtail the cyber arms race, reports Naked Security. President Obama, who called for “some norms," was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the G-20 international summit in China.

“[We] cannot have a situation where this becomes the Wild Wild West, where countries [that] have significant cyber capacity start engaging in… unhealthy competition or conflict through these means,” he said.

Hackers, which US experts believe to be Russians and state-sponsored, have been very active during the ongoing US presidential campaign and have targeted the Democratic National Committee on several occasions.

Russia has denied being involved.

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