North Carolina Selects WinMagic

WinMagic's SecureDoc protects all data on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario and SILER CITY, N.C. -- WinMagic Inc. (, the innovative leader in disk encryption, today announces that its SecureDoc full-disk encryption solution has met the

State of North Carolina's RFP criteria pertaining to the protection of the sensitive, unclassified data residing on approximately 50,000 desktops, 13,000 laptops, and 1000 mobile devices deployed across its Agencies. The blanket purchase agreement contract was awarded to WinMagic's authorized partner for products and service, Carolina Advanced Digital. While the contract is mandatory for government agencies, it will be offered as a convenience contract to the North Carolina University and Community College System, as well as the K-12 school system and local government agencies.

The State of North Carolina selected SecureDoc as it provided the flexibility to enable each Agency to provide and manage its own centralized key escrow for all equipment and/or enable the Office of Information Technology Services to centrally manage encryption products for consolidated

Agencies. SecureDoc's ability to seamlessly integrate with more than one centralized management server also ensures Agencies can overcome network filtering, security protections, bandwidth limitations and support boundaries, particularly within large distributed agencies. SecureDoc will also enable State of North Carolina's Agencies operating satellite offices in remote locations, to efficiently secure data over low bandwidth connections.

"Carolina Advanced Digital, Inc. chose WinMagic as its disk encryption partner after extensive research and evaluation," said Susan Jabbusch, Vice President, Carolina Advanced Digital, Inc. "SecureDoc is the most robust and reliable solution we found and the fact that it is NSA certified carries

a lot of weight with us and our clients who are as security conscious as CAD

is," Jabbusch continued. "CAD has always offered best-in-breed solutions for all our data and infrastructure solutions since we field engineers for the technology partners we represent."

WinMagic Inc.