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NitroSecurity Introduces Fully Integrated Database Activity Monitoring And Security Information Management Solution

NitroView detects, tracks and responds to abnormal or malicious activity across the entire enterprise
Portsmouth, NH - January 14, 2009 - NitroSecurity, Inc., a leading provider of network and information security solutions, today announced that NitroView is now fully integrated to provide the industry's first database activity monitoring and security information management solution. Users can now reduce the cost and inefficiency of standalone products and improve their security protection and compliance by detecting, tracking and responding to abnormal or malicious activity across the entire enterprise.

"Aberdeen's research shows that companies achieving Best-in-Class performance are moving to solutions designed to address their security, risk and compliance requirements while minimizing operational impact and reducing total cost," said Derek Brink, vice president and research fellow for IT Security, Aberdeen Group. "In the current economy, we see priorities shifting to reducing cost and reducing complexity, even while expanding security functionality. An integrated approach - such as NitroSecurity's integration of DAM and SIEM solutions - is well-aligned with these trends."

NitroView's integrated approach allows enterprises to leverage the speed and depth of event analysis and correlation provided by its flagship SIEM technology (NitroView ESM) with its database activity monitoring product (NitroView DBM). By combining these capabilities, NitroView provides true enterprise-wide visibility by correlating database activity with logs, events, flows and user identity, even across pooled applications. As a result, enterprises can significantly reduce the risk of web application and network attacks to minimize data loss.

In addition to reducing risk and cost, the level of detection, remediation and reporting in NitroView greatly facilitates compliance efforts by logging all access to personal identification information, cardholder data and other protected assets. Using NitroView, enterprises can feel confident that they are meeting PCI-DSS, HIPAA and other stringent compliance regulations as they improve their database security.

"Many of our customers are looking to better secure their databases and database activity monitoring is attractive," said Mark Emerick, practice manager, Information Risk Management of Melillo Consulting, a 20-year-old technology solutions integrator with mid to large enterprise customers across multiple industries. "Yet they are reluctant to add another point product because of both financial and technical reasons. NitroSecurity integrating database monitoring seamlessly into their SIEM product provides customers optimal flexibility and cost efficiencies."

"Increasingly, the market is demanding unified security solutions that bring together core security capabilities. For NitroSecurity, it was natural for us to combine our award-winning SIEM and database activity monitoring technologies into one solution," said Ken Levine, chief executive officer, NitroSecurity. "An integrated solution is the best approach for thwarting hackers and provides higher ROI for our customers."

NitroView DBM is currently available in agent and agentless (appliance) models. A NitroView DBM starter kit (one appliance, reporting and five database licenses) starts at $25,995. NitroView DBM host agents cost $695 and provide native auditing capabilities to supplement the network-based monitoring provided by NitroView DBM appliances.

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About NitroSecurity NitroSecurity is the leading supplier of information security products that protect business information and infrastructure - Edge-to-Core. NitroSecurity solutions reduce business risk exposure and increase network and information availability by monitoring, protecting and alerting organizations about suspicious or harmful network activities from inside or outside the enterprise. Utilizing the industry's fastest analytical tools, NitroSecurity will identify, correlate and remediate threats in minutes instead of hours, allowing organizations to quickly mitigate risks to the organization's information and infrastructure.

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