Niagara Falls Bridges Commission Adds NBA

Niagara Falls Bridges Commission uses Lancope's StealthWatch network behavior analysis to enhance security and streamline network management

ATLANTA -- Lancope, Inc., the provider of the StealthWatch™ System, the most widely used Network Behavior Analysis (NBA) and response solution, today announced that the Niagara Falls Bridges Commission (NFBC) is using StealthWatch to identify and resolve security issues quickly and improve overall network management.

With a 10Gb international network with more than 500 nodes across seven locations, the NFBC found that network management was taking up more time and becoming more complex. As the network grew, behavioral anomalies also became harder to detect. After reviewing several solutions, the NFBC selected StealthWatch to provide immediate notification of security issues, helpful troubleshooting data and detailed insight into network, host and user problems. The NFBC uses StealthWatch as a monitoring and troubleshooting solution that detects and identifies problems with the network as well as the hosts and users on it. It also allows the NFBC to keep a sharp eye on transient hosts, outside users/contractors dialing into the network and inside contractors plugging in laptops or other devices—all of which can introduce IT security risks.

NFBC’s deployment includes the StealthWatch Xe for sFlow®, which aggregates information from all its Foundry switches, and the StealthWatch IDentity-1000 appliance, which directly links individual users with specific network events. For centralized management, the StealthWatch Management Console correlates security and network intelligence from StealthWatch components deployed at critical segments throughout the NFBC.

“StealthWatch has been invaluable in tracking user activity and assisting with bandwidth profiling and network management,” said David Woods, manager of IT for the NFBC. “We know our network is more secure now. StealthWatch’s central management and ease of use helped accomplish this in less time with less people—saving us money in the long run.”

Lancope Inc.

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