NEC Chooses AEP

NEC Telenetworx has partnered with AEP Networks to offer thin client remote access to its customers

TOKYO -- NEC Telenetworx, part of the NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation subsidiary of the NEC Group, has partnered with AEP Networks, the leader in Policy Networking solutions, to offer thin client remote access to its customers. NEC Telenetworx has entered into a software license agreement to OEM the AEP Networks’ Netilla Security Platform (NSP) SSL VPN technology. The NSP software will be paired with the NEC Express5800® Series Servers (NEC Express5800/ i110Ra-1h and more powerful servers for larger deployments) to launch a co-branded XpressGate product into the Japanese market.

NEC Telenetworx chose the NSP software as their SSL VPN technology because of its high-security access methods. The NSP technology differs from other SSL VPN solutions by providing the choice of three application access technologies:

Thin-Client, the most secure access method, provides Layer 7 application gateway access to applications residing on Windows Terminal Servers, Citrix, Unix/Linux servers, and mainframe or AS/400 machines Tunnel provides Layer 3 access for any TCP/UDP-based applications via SSL tunneling and allows client/server synchronization Web Reverse Proxy (including port forwarding) provides access to web-based applications and intranet portals As a dedicated network appliance, the new XpressGate product available from NEC Telenetworx will integrate into existing network and security designs seamlessly by offering rapid deployment, easy installation, minimal maintenance, and high security. With XpressGate, remote users need only a computer and a Web browser to access any business application on the corporate network. This approach leverages the global reach of the Internet for streamlined delivery of business critical information to partners, suppliers, and employees, with strong security, privacy, and network protection.

“AEP’s state of the art, thin client SSL VPN complements our server’s high performance, empowering us to offer a complete SSL VPN remote access solution to our clients,” says Yasuhiro Ito, project manager at NEC Telenetworx. “Security solutions are often too complex and are thus rejected by the end users. NEC Telenetworx and AEP Networks have proved that security can be highly efficient yet simple and accessible to end users. We are proud to offer such a powerful technology solution to our clients.”

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