nCircle Compliant With FISMA & FDCC

nCircle announces availability of Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) policies integrated with nCircle Configuration Compliance Manager

SAN FRANCISCO -- nCircle, the leading provider of agentless security risk and compliance management solutions, today announced the availability of new Federal policy capabilities in the nCircle Configuration Compliance Manager product to assist organizations in complying with the OMB directive M-07-11. nCircle can now provide enterprise-wide automated assessments of the configuration of Windows XP devices against the Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) and FISMA policies, a requirement for all agencies by the OMB mandated date of February 1, 2008.

nCircle Configuration Compliance Manager can measure and report on configuration compliance and configuration changes across all networked devices, including servers, desktops and network infrastructure components, providing visibility into system configurations and the compliance impact of changes with an agentless solution. The configuration information -- which can be grouped and analyzed by agency, department, geography or any other characteristic -- compares actual configurations with established benchmarks and baselines, and provides customizable reporting for monitoring and regulatory purposes.

"nCircle is committed to supporting NIST's Federal Desktop Core Configuration standards and delivering solutions that help make government agencies both secure and compliant," said Tim Keanini, Chief Technology Officer, nCircle. "Embedding FDCC policies in the Configuration Compliance Manager provides a cost-effective way for agencies to meet OMB's mandated deadline and improve their overall information security while reducing operating costs."