MessageGate Unveils SenderConfirm

MessageGate announced that more than 99 percent of email misuse is accidental or due to lack of awareness

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- Based on messaging audit results and its research, MessageGate, Inc., a leader in practical e-mail governance, today announced that more than 99 percent of e-mail misuse is accidental or due to lack of awareness and can be addressed through employee education and pre-send technology, such as MessageGate® SenderConfirm.

Involving the end-user provides a front-line approach to improving compliance, reducing risk, and driving e-mail system costs down while preserving employee privacy. Through its flexible and employee-friendly interface, SenderConfirm delivers risk mitigation benefits and educates end users on proper usage while preventing potentially damaging employee actions, such as the transmission of social security numbers, release of internal correspondence or the sending of sensitive information to personal e-mail accounts.

"Using sender-based e-mail confirmation is a baseline safeguard and should be a component of every company's information security plan," said Steve Katz, president of Security Risk Solutions LLC and former CISO at Citigroup, Inc. "By focusing on the behaviors and patterns that lead to exposure, companies are able to address a major risk inherent in e-mail while balancing employee privacy and information security priorities."

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