Managed Security Services Key to Best Security

Aberdeen research study finds that 100% of best-in-class companies use some form of managed security services

BOSTON -- New research from Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company (NYSE:HHS), reveals that the organizations getting the best security performance include managed security services as part of their defense. The new report, “Best Practices in Choosing and Consuming Managed Security Services” provides insight gleaned from close to 200 respondents from a broad range of industries.

"These findings are significant because they reflect a shift in market awareness. Traditionally organizations have been turning to managed security services to help with compliance issues, or reduce the management associated with maintaining ongoing security or to reduce their costs,” said Carol Baroudi, research director in the IT Security practice at Aberdeen. "The market is realizing that some kinds of security are better delivered from a managed security services provider (MSSP) that has visibility into security events across networks and across a spectrum of customers, allowing for earlier detection and earlier prevention. Additionally, the availability of certain kinds of security services on demand makes stronger security affordable to organizations that may not have the resources to deploy them in-house."

Aberdeen Group

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