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Malware Found In Iran Petro Plants

Virus not linked to recent fires in oil and gas facilities across the country, says official.

A malicious but inactive industrial malware was recently detected and removed from two of Iran’s petrochemical plants during a routine inspection, reports Reuters quoting state news agency IRNA. This malware was not, however, behind the recent explosions and fires in Iran’s oil and gas facilities, a senior military official of the country confirmed to IRNA.

Iran was recently rocked by a spate of blasts and fires in its petroleum facilities, causing losses of lives and damages in millions of dollars. The country initiated a probe to rule out possibility of cyberattacks and last week, Iran’s oil minister said the blasts were because of reduced health and safety checks.

In 2009-2010, Iran was a victim of the Stuxnet virus attack by US and Israel to sabotage the country’s nuclear program, says Reuters.

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