Macdonald Group Picks AppGate

Macdonald Hotels and Resorts has implemented a secure remote access solution from AppGate

LONDON -- Macdonald Hotels and Resorts, the UK’s largest privately owned hotel group, has implemented a secure remote access solution from AppGate to enable staff and managers to use laptops to access the corporate network securely from any location.

As a result of continued growth, the company, which operates over 60 hotels across England, Scotland and Wales, needed a solution which would have the scope to support the future growth and evolution of the business whilst delivering remote access functionality and protecting vital confidential data and corporate applications from unauthorised access. It was essential that the solution could be easily administered in this highly distributed organisation.

Macdonald’s existing SSL VPN solution was found to have a number of limitations and so Macdonald began looking for a new network security solution which would work with their existing IT network infrastructure to provide a secure remote access environment. AppGate Network Security, supplied and implemented by AppGate partner GSS, provided a comprehensive solution combining application VPN, end-point security, network admission control and internal network security.

Installed behind the existing firewall and on corporate laptops, the AppGate solution enables managers, third party suppliers and support staff to work effectively from any location, providing full access to email, specified corporate applications and local systems across the group while providing enhanced granularity of control for IT managers.

Integrating with Macdonald’s existing IT infrastructure, policies are set automatically depending on whether staff are working inside or outside the network, and controlling protection against the spread of viruses and Trojans.

A key benefit of the AppGate solution is the ability to support any third-party supplier specified protocols, so applications can be maintained and managed from remote locations without the need for IT staff on-site, minimising downtime and improving overall operational efficiency.

According to Macdonald Hotels, increased mobility and flexibility has resulted in a more productive working environment, but this has not come at the expense of network security. Centrally managed, the AppGate solution controls all remote access, ensuring suppliers can only access designated applications and systems, and that staff can only access the network from properly secured laptops and PCs and adhere to acceptable usage policies.

John Rawcliffe, IT Director for Macdonald Hotels said, “The AppGate solution means that my team can now easily control the firewall settings at all points on the network, ensuring that all our staff can work remotely without compromising the security of our network.

“The AppGate technology has overcome all the limitations and restrictions we had with our original SSL based system. This is a great solution and an excellent job by GSS and AppGate.”

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