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Lancope demonstrates version 5.5 of StealthWatch that provides detailed views of network utilization and anomalies for Cisco

ATLANTA -- Lancope, Inc., the provider of StealthWatch, the most widely used network behavior analysis (NBA) and response system, today demonstrates version 5.5 of StealthWatch, a single, unified system for optimizing network operations and security that provides detailed views of network utilization and anomalies for Cisco IOS NetFlow-enabled, distributed enterprises, at Cisco Networkers 2006 in Las Vegas. In addition, Lancope will also demonstrate its new product, StealthWatch Identity 1000, the first solution to tie network traffic and host behavior to user identity. This cost-effective network visibility combined with end-point and user identity intelligence enables network engineers and network planners to easily streamline network optimization and security processes, reduces the time and resources allocated to network optimization and eliminates the cost and complexity associated with non-integrated point solutions. Beyond behavior-based anomaly detection, the StealthWatch family now provides the following functional capabilities for Cisco IOS NetFlow-enabled enterprises:

  • User and Application Monitoring

  • Traffic Accounting and Engineering

  • Network Planning

The Cisco Technology Developer Program sets criteria for interoperability testing by independent third parties and enables leading product and services firms to deploy innovative business solutions. The program provides enterprise or service provider customers with information regarding Cisco Technology Developer Partner products and services that an independent testing facility has tested and found to interoperate with Cisco networking technology.

“With its behavior-based approach, StealthWatch cost-effectively scales by utilizing our current network infrastructure and analyzing NetFlow from our Cisco routers,” said Dan Lukas, lead security architect for Aurora Health Care, a joint Lancope and Cisco customer. “StealthWatch Xe for Cisco NetFlow provides detailed visibility of the internal network from the core to the edges, enabling us to quickly remediate any issues.” By taking advantage of the existing Cisco network infrastructure, StealthWatch enables Lukas to “easily drill down into a clinic’s network activity; address bandwidth issues; identify and remediate misconfigured devices.” With its ability to locate distributed flow collectors, StealthWatch uses Cisco infrastructure devices to eliminate the need to purchase troubleshooting hardware for significant cost-savings.

“Cisco supports open, standards-based architectures and shares a commitment to interoperable solutions with Lancope. Through this vision the Cisco Technology Developer Program delivers the power of choice to enterprises or service providers—the ability to extend the Cisco end-to-end architecture with our participants’ solid products and technologies,” said Paul Roytberg, senior manager of business development, Cisco IOS Solutions. “With Cisco Technology Developer Program member offerings like the StealthWatch System, customers can deploy a broad range of business solutions that foster innovation and drive rapid adoption of business-critical technologies.”

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