Insightix, Reflex Team Up

Insightix and Reflex Security announced an OEM partnership

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. -- Insightix, the developer of the Stateful Network Detection technology for complete and real-time IT Visibility and Network Access Control, and Reflex Security, a pioneer and innovator in intrusion prevention systems (IPS), today announced an OEM partnership. As part of the agreement, Insightix’s IT Visibility solution will be integrated directly into Reflex Security’s Reflex IPS™ product line.

Insightix’s IT Visibility solution obtains a complete inventory of all network devices, including their location and associated properties, and provides an accurate physical network topology map of the entire network infrastructure. The contextual information delivered by the Insightix IT Visibility solution allows Reflex IPS to extend its ability to detect, prevent and respond to internal and external security threats in real-time. By integrating Insightix’s network visibility capabilities, Reflex IPS improves access control by maintaining a comprehensive understanding of the state of the network and the devices connected to it and extending its coverage across the entire network.

"The integration of asset visibility with technologies such as IPS/IDS and NAC can dramatically increase the security posture of an organization," said Robert Ayoub, Network Security Industry Manager for Frost & Sullivan. "Solutions that take asset monitoring into account, rather than relying on simple vulnerability scans of the machines currently on the network, significantly improve the understanding of a network and reduce the threats caused by unknown devices."

“The integration of Insightix’s unique network visibility capabilities into our IPS systems creates a compelling security solution for our customers to detect, manage and enforce security across their entire enterprise networks,” said Hezi Moore, Reflex Security’s CTO

“Our collaboration with prominent IPS vendor such as Reflex Security confirms our position that any critical IT initiative begins with a complete and real-time understanding of the state of the network,” Ofir Arkin, CTO of Insightix.

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