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Ikea Canada Breach Exposes 95K Customer Records

An unauthorized employee accessed Ikea's customer database, but it's unclear what the intention was.

Ikea Canada has confirmed that an employee compromised a database of 95,000 Canadian customers. 

The employee performed unsanctioned searches of the database between March 1 and 3, Kristin Newbigging, public relations leader at Ikea Canada, explains to Dark Reading. She adds that no banking information was exposed during the unauthorized system access.

However, personally identifiable information was compromised, according to reports. That includes customer names, email addresses, phone numbers, and postal codes, along with IKEA Family loyalty program numbers in some cases.

"We have proactively notified the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada about this incident, as well as any applicable customers," Newbigging adds. "We have also reviewed and updated internal processes to prevent such incidents in the future." 

The company said there is no action required by Ikea customers, and that the company took "steps to prevent the data from being used, stored, or shared with any third parties."

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