Hospitals Pick Vernier

More than 25 healthcare organizations have recently picked Vernier's NAC appliances to bolster security and HIPAA compliance

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- Vernier Networks, the leading supplier of award-winning network access control (NAC) appliances, has recently added more than 25 healthcare organizations to its growing list of customers. These organizations are employing EdgeWall NAC appliances to secure their networks from unauthorized access, costly worms, viruses and other intrusions, and limit access to Electronic Medical Records. Representing hospital networks, medical research facilities and university medical centers, Vernier’s customers include Baptist Healthcare System, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Managed Health Care Associates, and University of Miami Medical Center.

"Concerned about network intrusions and limiting access to sensitive health information, we selected Vernier’s EdgeWall appliance to protect our network," said Gregory S. Thomas, vice president of IT for Managed Health Care Associates. "As a result, we were able to easily set up and monitor policies and quickly enforce them. The EdgeWall has enabled us to become more proactive and has helped free up critical IT resources to work on other strategic business initiatives."

Vernier Networks helps healthcare organizations secure their network with capabilities that directly address Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements. HIPAA requires strict access control and reporting for:

  • Access authorization to health record systems

  • Electronic Personal Health Information (ePHI) access in general and with Windows detail

  • ePHI access by administrative users

"Healthcare is one of the most regulated industries, especially in the area of patient privacy," said Simon Khalaf, president and chief executive officer of Vernier Networks. "In addition, hospital networks simply can’t afford to have their networks go down because of costly intrusions – it could be life-threatening. Vernier’s NAC solution allows them to protect their networks from threats and limit access to sensitive data – without disruption, without deploying agents on physician and patient laptops, and without changes to their existing infrastructure."

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