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Hackers Paralyze 911 Operations in Suffolk County, NY

Reduced to pen, paper, and phones, 911 operators ask NYPD for backup in handling emergency calls.

A Sept. 8 ransomware attack on Suffolk County government systems in New York continues to wreak havoc on citizens of the area, driving overwhelmed 911 operators working without the aid of computers to call for backup.

The ransomware attack means that emergency operators are working with pen and paper, then making phone calls to dispatch officers to send help, according to New York's NBC affiliate. The Suffolk County Police Department has asked the New York Police Department for help handling the calls. In response, the NYPD will add five extra officers per shift to help, NBC New York reported.

Emergency lines aren't the only systems that have been impacted in Suffolk County. Police don't have access to their car computers, and even the system for title reporting is shut down, meaning no one can close real estate deals in the area.