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Hackers Miss Their Target -- By About 2,000 Miles

Arab "cyber-pirates" deface English tourist attraction instead of Israeli stronghold
Missed it by that much.

A group of Algerian "cyber-pirates" found itself a bit embarrassed earlier this week when, in an attempt to deface the website of a well-known Israeli stronghold -- Belvoir Fortress -- it ended up defacing an English tourist attraction --Belvoir Castle.

According to news reports, an Algerian subversive group called the Dz-SeC claimed responsibility for the cyber attack, writing in Arabic on the castle’s website: "The cause of this hack is Israel's presence. Internet law does not protect the ignorant. Thank you to all the pirates of Algeria."

Unfortunately, the political message didn't reach its target. A spokeswoman for Belvoir Castle said: "We've nothing to do with the middle east. I just help to organize the teddy bears' picnic."

She added: "It does make more sense that they meant to target the fortress in Israel, rather than the castle in Leicestershire."

The Algerian group has not apologized to the 11th Duke of Rutland, who owns Belvoir Castle. No word yet on whether the group is still being invited to the teddy bears' picnic.

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