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Hacker Jailed For Celebrity Swatting, Doxing

New Yorker Mir Islam given a two-year jail term for online harassment of public figures.

A New Yorker has been sentenced to two years in prison for celebrity doxing and swatting, reports BBC News. Mir Islam stole data of celebrities and exposed them online. He also made bogus calls that resulted in police storming the homes of public figures.

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) said Islam posted online sensitive details of more than 50 high-profile people, including Michelle Obama, Robert Mueller and John Brennan, leading to finance-related problems for the victims. He swatted celebs like Ashton Kutcher, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jay-Z, causing them emotional distress.

As per court papers, Islam carried out doxing and swatting attacks even while he was being probed by the FBI in a credit card fraud case, says BBC News.

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